Face to Face / Virtual Appointment
at Home or in Facilities

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Care Management

This service is designed mainly for individuals who are lacking health resources and services such as those who have no health insurance or cannot afford the cost for health services.
This service has a comprehensive package that gives families and guardians the assurance that their loved ones will be getting help while they are away from them. Individuals receive assistance with maintaining their environment clean, safe, assist with shopping, paying bills, setting appointments, transportation, and assist with keeping updated medical records and reminders. In addition, this service offers face to Face an/or virtual visits, demonstration, and hands on class on meal preparation, self-care, and safety measures.

Case Management

This service provides You access to a nurse practitioner during regular office hours (10 AM-6 PM Mon – Fri except holidays), extended/ special hours with holidays and weekends included) depending on your service plan. You will be assisted with questions related to your medications, health changes and health management, finding a medical provider or other services. Assisting you with maintaining your health and Wellness is paramount.

Support Group

We believe that unity is strength. This service will help you meet people who are facing similar challenges like you and will engage you in discussions and problem solving. By fighting together an illness or non-compliance to medications, follow up appointments or self-care, being supported by others, you will persevere in bringing sustainable positive changes in your life. We will remain at your side to show you how to bring positive outcomes in your life. We will motivate you through others’ experiences of success, assisting you in developing self-care and independence, sharing knowledge, providing you with health-related materials and assisting you with searching for available resources relevant to your needs.

Health Coaching

This service offers individualized instructions to individuals, caregivers/caretakers and paraprofessional who desire to improve their health or improve the conditions of others by increasing their knowledge on how to overcome health barriers. We give individualized demonstration.

Health Counseling

This service will provide you with counseling about issues that you and/or your family, caregiver who have difficulty coping with issues such as nicotine and drug addiction, stress management, managing your health, coping with long-term illnesses and complications. We will go above and beyond to ensure that we assist you with overcoming barriers that prevent you from reaching optimal health and wellness.

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